Fluorinated Surfactants

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Fluorinated surfactants, firefighting foams, fluorocarbon surfactants, 

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Fluorinated surfactants for firefighting foams

BF series of fluorocarbon surfactants supplied by Brillachem are the result of our commitment to world-class science that delivers more sustainable solutions through superior product performance-products that help protect people as well as the environment. Providing a range of benefits not available with traditional hydrocarbon surfactants, BF series of fluorocarbon surfactants give you the ability to enhance the performance properties of your existing products, as well as the freedom to create unique and innovative products that help meet your customer needs worldwide.

* Shelf life is at least three years if stored tightly sealed in the original container at temperatures below 50°C (151°F).

* Packaging is flexible and various, covers from 25KG square jerrycan to 200KG HDPE drums, 1000KG IBC totes also available.


Product Tags

Fluorinated surfactants, firefighting foams, fluorocarbon surfactants, 

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